Rene Trossman

About the Band

Lugano Blues To Bop 2005 Rene Trossman Band

RENE TROSSMAN has had his new-thing together in Prague since February of 2003. Its usually 4-piece band with Rene on guitar and vocals, keyboards, bass, drums, and sometimes as a trio..

The band has regular gigs in Prague, and plays all around Czech Republic. Rene takes it on the road as well, having played in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belgium, Holland, Lithuania, and is planning for even more soon.

Rene plays straight-ahead, Chicago, West-side style, blues, in the tradition of the '50s and '60s Chicago scene. Besides his original songs, the band pays homage to the greats of Chicago's "Golden Era of the Blues", the '50's and '60's. Rene's love for the incredible stars of that era is evident, as they romp through material by Otis Rush, Magic Sam, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, Earl Hooker and other blues artists of the era.

If you love Blues, especially Chicago Blues, then please have a listen to Rene Trossman. Rene Trossman has definitely got that "Chicago-Sound"!

Kijev International Jazz and Blues Festival 2006
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